Announcing My Preliminary Presidential Endorsements

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So far, the lack of qualified, serious, trustworthy candidates running for president in 2016 is pretty notable. And yes, the election is still a year away. I will nonetheless announce my top two candidates thus far. I think everyone can agree that these two have set themselves apart from the rest of the field.

Mormonism’s Heaven > Other Heavens

Mormonism’s Heaven > Other Heavens

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The standard western concept of heaven is boring, and everyone knows it. Why not consider a version that aims higher?

The Legalization of Gay Marriage: An Opportunity to Reinvent Ourselves

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This Supreme Court ruling is a gift. It’s a chance for us to change our strategy and direction.

Lane Merging: You’re Doing It Wrong

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Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned lane merge and the accompanying traffic backup? There are usually a number of different personality types that can be observed at every merger: The early mergers. The ones who drive as cautiously and defensively as possible. Late mergers are their arch enemies. The late mergers. They often fly down that […]

Sometimes Kids Learn the Wrong Lesson

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My toddler was playing on her playhouse tonight. As she is wont to do, she performed increasingly risky physical stunts. Her inner Evel Knievel was breaking free to the surface. Hilariously, she began telling herself repeatedly, “Be careful. Don’t fall. Be careful. Don’t fall.” At first, I thought this was some kind of attempt to assure […]

Do Religious Truths Need to be Boldly Defended?

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General Young Women’s President Bonnie Oscarson, in her recent conference address, challenged listeners to “boldy defend” the family proclamation. But does spiritual truth really need a bold defense?

Learning How to Decipher Real Science from Pseudo-science

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On matters of science, there are certain hot topics that get debated all the time. How am I to know who’s right? I’m not a scientist, after all, and it seems hard to tell which side, if any, has the credible arguments.

Why the Opening Prayer of the General Women’s Session Was Historical

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In the General Women’s Session this fall, Sister Dorah Mkhabela of Soweto, South Africa gave the opening prayer. Many Mormons have noted the historical importance of watching the first woman of African descent to give a prayer in a conference session.

Quietly Celebrating the Civil Rights Victory of My Generation

Quietly Celebrating the Civil Rights Victory of My Generation

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I think we’re missing out on a very important conversation as families and neighbors. Future generations will ask us about the civil rights movement of our day, and what will we tell them? Will we remember it? Will we learn from it?

The Givenses Contest the Teaching “My ways are not your ways”

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“God’s ways are not our ways”, the preacher says, hoping to dismiss our concerns and remind us of the foolishness of man’s wisdom. Terryl and Fiona Givens tackle this theme in their book, The God Who Weeps.