Illegal Immigrants: Gambling on the Goodness of Americans

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Now that a couple of states have signed into law their notoriously strident anti-immigration legislation, we’re starting to see the fruits of such labors. And what a heartwarming story it is. Unintended consequences are stacking up, and we’re hearing legislators admit they may have “overlooked” the collateral damage of certain provisions. But didn’t these illegal […]

An Open Letter to Al Gore

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I want to thank you for your efforts over the last several years to draw attention to a pressing problem that’s facing our planet: global warming. Your time, your campaigning, your organizing, I think it has been honorable. However, that’s not the purpose for this letter. I’m concerned that you’re the de facto spokesman for […]

Romney and Huntsman Get Science

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I ran across some encouraging news today: presidential candidate Mitt Romney and likely presidential candidate Jon Huntsman both accept the science on global warming.

Defending Jon Huntman’s “Heresy”

Posted by in Politics, Religion on 13. May, 2011 | 2 Comments

So I’m seeing potential 2012 presidential candidate Jon Huntsman take a lot of heat lately about his particular religious views. You might at first think I meant to say Mitt Romney, and that I meant 2008. Nope. In fact, that’s the ironic thing about it: many of the same people I see now assailing Huntsman […]