Book Review: Patrick Mason’s Planted

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If I were to compile a list of all the things my fringe Mormon friends and I wish our traditional counterparts understood about us, this book addresses them all. If you’re seeking to understand a Mormon family member or friend who doesn’t really fit in the church, or if you are the one who doesn’t fit in but you really want to try to find a safe, healthy place to belong, I think this book will be helpful

Appreciation for Uchtdorf

Appreciation for Uchtdorf

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In the LDS Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting held earlier this month, a statement made by President Uchtdorf of the First Presidency drew a lot of attention in my religious circles. Thank God for men like him who remind us that our whole faith tradition is based on questioning, and that the scriptures and history are replete with examples of people who only got answers and growth because they refused to be content with what was already known.