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  1. Susan

    Mar 16th, 2012

    I love Terryl Givens’ thoughts on Mormonism! Thank you for the link to the Woodland Institute for the quote, “Do you have to be Mormon to be saved?” And he [JS] says, “No.” I was afraid I would not be able to find it.

    I think the part Terryl Givens was referring to is as follows: “He [JS] closed by referring to the Mormon Bible, which he said, contained nothing inconsistent or conflicting with the Christian Bible, and he again repeated that all who would follow the precepts of the Bible, whether Mormon or not, would assuredly be saved.”

    Interesting. I wonder if JS meant to say that “as far as the Bible is in harmony with the principles of the restored gospel (faith, repentance, baptism [by one having authority], receiving the gift of the holy ghost) then one is saved”? Otherwise, priesthood authority would not be necessary for baptism to be valid. And what about all the temple ordinances available only through the Mormon church that are not in the Bible? It would seem JS is saying they are not necessary to salvation, but the modern church says they are. I wish I understood better what JS meant here.

    • Trevor

      Mar 16th, 2012

      Well, the first temple rites were administered by Joseph Smith around 1842, which was two years after he made that statement. And the Book of Mormon is silent on temple ritual as well. So I suspect that in 1840 Joseph hadn’t even conceived of temple ordinances as being part of salvation.

  2. Nan

    Jun 20th, 2015

    ” And then what happens in the 20th century, of course, is the kind of diatribe against the Catholic church which pervades our culture.”

    It pervades the culture because it is actively promoted through the extolling of Talmages works.

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